How to save money with house hunting

There are a number of things you can do to save on your home buying and selling costs, but the one thing you should absolutely do is buy from a reputable source.That’s because buying from a legitimate source allows you to make your home shopping and selling process much more efficient.Here’s a quick guide to getting the most bang for […]

Irish Government backs down on plan to privatise health care

REAL ESTATE, Galway – An estimated 4,000 jobs were lost in the Irish Government’s decision to sell off the health care industry to the private sector in the wake of the global financial crisis.The Government announced the plan on Monday to sell the health sector to a consortium of companies with a combined market capitalisation of €20 billion.The decision was […]

Which is the best home for sale in Australia?

Posted November 18, 2018 07:01:13 Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, is a very good city to live in, but we know there are plenty of suburbs with nicer living and better value.Which is right for you?The best place to live, however, is Melbourne.Here’s our list of the best real estate markets in Australia, from Sydney to Canberra and beyond.Read more about […]