Aussie man finds his first tattoo

AUSTRALIA’S first tattoo is a giant swastika in the shape of a bird.David Houlihan, 25, who is also known as «The Flying Pig», started the tattoo after a trip to a nearby church, where he met his new tattoo artist, who wanted to get the word out about his story.«I came to the church and I saw a group of […]

Which properties are the best places to buy in Vietnam?

The property market in Vietnam has never been hotter.From luxury properties to mid-range properties, Vietnam has more than enough properties to tempt the eye.Here are the 10 best places for rent in Vietnam.1.Saigon, Vietnam2.Ha Long Square, Vietnam3.Old Town, Vietnam4.Vientiane, Vietnam5.Nhanhaeng Market, Vietnam6.Vong Nhan, Vietnam7.Lao Cang, Vietnam8.Phu Quoc, Vietnam9.Liao Quoc Valley, Vietnam10.Ha Phuang, Vientrias property marketThe list below is by no […]