Buyers beware: ‘This is a terrible idea’

Buyers in Vietnam’s southern province of Hue have been urged to be extra careful when bidding on homes, as they may end up paying double or triple the value.The provincial government is looking into whether bidding on properties in Hue can lead to an inflated price for the same property.The province has warned that it is in the process of […]

How to buy a new house in Dublin

Buyers in Dublin are getting an early start on the housing search with the opening of a new Dublin property website.The site, which is run by the Dublin City Council, allows users to find apartments, buy a home or rent a house.It is not the first time that the city has set up a property search website, but the first […]

VA chief is ‘extremely concerned’ by VA funding cuts

The Department of Veterans Affairs is struggling to deal with an increase in demand for medical care in its system and is taking steps to bolster staffing and ensure the agency’s systems are secure, according to a top aide to President Donald Trump.«I am extremely concerned by the level of demand in the VA system and the way that VA […]

Vietnam: The Next Hundred Years of Architecture and Planning

Vietnam is poised to take a new, high-tech turn toward modernism in the next hundred years, but the country’s future architecture and planning is largely up in the air.The country’s planners and architects have spent decades working in a landscape that is often defined by the rise and fall of imperial empires.In recent years, as the country has seen the […]

How To Get Your First Home

What is a «real estate» website?When you read an article on a website that you think you know the answer to, it might be hard to know what to look for.For example, an article about how to get a house might be a bit confusing if it says that you have to search for a specific type of house.In reality, […]

A new survey finds that a majority of Americans approve of Donald Trump’s job performance

Americans approve President Donald Trump by a wide margin of 56% to 34%.That’s a reversal from December 2016, when 54% approved of the president.However, a new poll by the Pew Research Center finds that Americans have more negative opinions about Trump than positive ones, with 56% of Americans viewing him unfavorably.A majority of Trump supporters (52%) say they would prefer […]

Bumper-to-bumper pricing in New York City is up, and prices are rising even faster than in San Francisco

A lot of people are getting out of the city because of the coronavirus pandemic, and many are looking to move elsewhere for a better life, according to data from the real estate market.While the San Francisco area, which has a higher per capita wealth than the rest of the country, has seen the highest price increases, prices in New […]

How to Live in Vietnam

Real estate company America House Properties has announced it will be buying up properties in Vietnam, the United States and the Philippines to create a «world class» property management company that will be headquartered in New York.America House has said it will also create a new unit for international investment.The company, which operates under the name American House Group, will […]

How to get more of your money from Facebook and Google without a subscription

Hacker News article The most important thing you need to know before you sign up for a free trial for a new app is how to use it.If you don’t have that knowledge, you may never get the chance to learn how to get money from a popular social network.Here are some things to keep in mind: Facebook can be […]

Donald Trump is ‘a great guy’ who likes to talk about houses

President Donald Trump likes to tell the story of the Trump Mar-a-Lago estate, a luxurious resort on Florida’s Palm Beach Peninsula that he has used to court the country’s most powerful men.In his first official speech on Monday, Mr Trump also said that he would give his first 100 days in office a ‘fantastic start’ to his presidency.Trump said: ‘I […]

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