China’s biggest real estate company says it will buy up to 50 percent of its assets in Vietnam

Vietnam’s biggest property developer, Hanoi’s Gugan Property Group, said it will purchase up to half of its total holdings in Vietnam.The move is a sign of a shift in Vietnam’s economic fortunes that could lead to more investment and further growth, said Hano, which is controlled by billionaire Thieu Binh.The deal would be the biggest of its kind in Vietnam, […]

A house is not the same as a homebuyer

Buyers can also be found in other categories, including luxury cars, art and collectibles, and homes with custom designs.In some cases, the homes can be bought for just a few hundred dollars, while in others they can cost thousands.Many properties are also in the market for a new owner.Buyers may be searching for homes to sell, with listings on Gumtree, […]