Real Estate in Vietnam is Hot! New Hanoi house sells for $7 Million

Hanoia, Vietnam (AP) It’s a big house.A big garage.And a big pool.But that’s not how it looks from the outside.Inside, it’s all about a family of four.They are in a house in Hanoie, the capital of Vietnam, that has been owned by a family since 1867.It has been on the market for about $7 million.The house is a replica of […]

Trump wants to bring back the American dream, but only if people can afford it

President Donald Trump wants Americans to have a better life, but the problem is that there’s only so much money that will be available to go around.«I want people to have more than what we’ve got,» he told a crowd at a rally in Florida on Wednesday night.«But, you know, that’s going to be the biggest challenge.»But if he does […]

How to Live in Vietnam

Real estate company America House Properties has announced it will be buying up properties in Vietnam, the United States and the Philippines to create a «world class» property management company that will be headquartered in New York.America House has said it will also create a new unit for international investment.The company, which operates under the name American House Group, will […]

Donald Trump is ‘a great guy’ who likes to talk about houses

President Donald Trump likes to tell the story of the Trump Mar-a-Lago estate, a luxurious resort on Florida’s Palm Beach Peninsula that he has used to court the country’s most powerful men.In his first official speech on Monday, Mr Trump also said that he would give his first 100 days in office a ‘fantastic start’ to his presidency.Trump said: ‘I […]

How to find a new home in Vietnam

There are few things that make me happier than seeing my house go up for sale.It means that the time I spent on finding a new place to live is now over, and I can start to make plans for the future.Unfortunately, finding a home is often quite difficult in Vietnam.The country is a very conservative society, and the country […]

How to find real estate for sale in the U.S.

Home sales in the United States have been on the decline in recent years, but many Americans are still buying their first homes, according to data from Trulia.The Trulia Real Estate Report shows that the number of homes being purchased has dropped from 5,813 in 2016 to 4,898 in 2017.This is a decline of almost 10 percent, and the number […]

‘No excuses’: U.S. officials say Russia, Syria and Iran should be held accountable for Syria chemical weapons attack

NEW YORK (AP) U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Thursday he was «deeply concerned» about the alleged chemical weapons use by the Syrian government and called for the removal of President Bashar Assad.The U.K.-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 59 people were killed, including at least three children, after a suspected chlorine gas attack on rebel-held eastern districts […]

What’s next for Ho Chi Minh City real estate?

Ho Chi Mngou City, Vietnam— The United States and Vietnam are on a two-week tour that will make their first joint trip since Trump won the 2016 presidential election.On Sunday, they’ll travel to Vietnam to kick off the Trump-Vietnam Strategic Partnership, a partnership that has been in the works for months.The trip will see the two leaders meet and meet […]

US house sales rise for fourth month as economy remains strong

AMERICAN HOUSE SALES INCREASED FOR THE FIFTH MONTH IN DECEMBER 2018.The number of homes sold rose by 20,000 during the month.The average sale price rose by 4.6 percent, or $5,923.52, to $7,811,845.The median price rose 0.7 percent, to just over $5.9 million.The national average home price rose 4.4 percent, 0.6 percentage points higher than the month before.The national median home […]