Vietnam: The Next Hundred Years of Architecture and Planning

Vietnam is poised to take a new, high-tech turn toward modernism in the next hundred years, but the country’s future architecture and planning is largely up in the air.The country’s planners and architects have spent decades working in a landscape that is often defined by the rise and fall of imperial empires.In recent years, as the country has seen the […]

How to save money in Hanoi, Laos

The world’s largest port city has one of the world’s most expensive real estate markets, but it’s also a prime destination for those seeking affordable housing.Here’s how to find the right home for you.1: What to do if you’re looking for a rental property in Hatoi, the capital of Laos The main attraction in Hetero is the iconic Teti Hao, […]

Why did Vietnam stop renting?

Vietnam’s real estate market was hit by the country’s war of independence in 1975 and the Vietnam War, and its economy was crippled by a lack of foreign investment and debt.A lack of investment was the primary reason, but the country also faced a shortage of housing and a lack in workers, leading to a shortage in the housing market.The […]

Hanoi is offering a one-bedroom for $250,000 per month for people who live in Hanoir

HanoI: One-bedroom apartments available for rent in Hualien, a city on Vietnam’s southern coast, on the island of Hano.A rental contract for a one bedroom for $25,000 was signed with an apartment company in Haoi city.The one bedroom unit is located in a large home park and includes a full kitchenette, a closet, two couches and a shower.The contract, signed […]

The price of the real estate market in Vietnam is rising, but is the country truly affordable?

Real estate agent for hire in Vietnam, Bat Dong San Tieng Anh, says the market in the country is very expensive and the government needs to work hard to improve affordability for the country’s population.Bat Dong, who also works as a real estate agent, told TechRadars that he is in constant contact with real estate agents around the country to […]

How to find a Vietnamese real estate agent

Vietnam is a country that attracts some of the world’s most creative and innovative individuals, and that’s one reason why it’s home to one of the most vibrant real estate markets in the world.But when it comes to finding a Vietnamese agent, there’s a lot of different things to consider.In fact, finding an agent in Vietnam can be a daunting […]