Which VCs are investing in Vietnamese real estate?

VIA news article VICTORIA, British Columbia – VICTORSVILLE, British Colombia – VIA News is reporting that some VCs have started investing in VC-backed Vietnamese realtors in anticipation of a possible wave of Vietnamese immigration to the U.S. in the next decade.The company notes that VCs such as Zillow and Crowdrise are currently working to establish local realtives in the U, […]

Vietnam’s government: China has ‘high confidence’ of finding buyer for former president’s estate

Vietnam has accused China of seeking to buy former President Ho Chi Minh’s property empire, a move that could complicate efforts to sell the country’s vast assets.The state-run Xinhua News Agency said Friday that Chinese officials visited the property at Ho Chi’s former home in the southern city of Ho Chi Nha, in the western province of Hue, on Sunday.The […]

Can real estate agents make a living from renting?

If you are interested in making a living as a real estate sales agent, you may want to take a look at renting out your apartment.As it stands, real estate brokerages in Vietnam do not accept reservations, so if you want to make a career as a broker, you need to get your feet wet.Here are the top three things […]

How to save money on a house in Vietnam

Hanoi (VN) — If you’re interested in selling your house and want to save some cash, this article will help you.Real estate agents in Vietnam are constantly on the hunt for homes that have been sold, which can be the difference between a nice house and a house that’s worth less.The trick is finding out how much they are selling […]

‘No-go zone’: Man shoots up house in Thailand for $7 million

A real estate agent who shot up his own house to get his money’s worth said that the shooting incident was the latest example of how the United States and Vietnam are at war over property rights and the rule of law.Kha Thanh Pham, the owner of the house on a hill in Bangkok, said he decided to move out […]

What is real estate?

Home prices in Vietnam are rising fast, despite a lack of jobs and a severe shortage of land.But this rapid rise has not always been as dramatic as it seems.As the economy rebounds, real estate prices are expected to fall, although that is less likely than people think.¬†Real estate is a complex, often controversial and highly politicised industry.There are real […]

The price of the real estate market in Vietnam is rising, but is the country truly affordable?

Real estate agent for hire in Vietnam, Bat Dong San Tieng Anh, says the market in the country is very expensive and the government needs to work hard to improve affordability for the country’s population.Bat Dong, who also works as a real estate agent, told TechRadars that he is in constant contact with real estate agents around the country to […]